When Death Dies


O Praise the name of the Lord our God!

Who healed the lame, spoke to the outcast, washed dirty feet, and cried human tears.

Who was betrayed, beaten, humiliated, tortured, unjustly convicted, executed.

Who was confirmed dead, and buried in a sealed tomb.


His disciples, his best friends, and his family waited.


It seemed that death had really won.

And in his death it appeared that all of humanity had lost.

They were disillusioned.



Just like us.


But God was still working in the darkness.

In the moments when we think we’re totally alone, God is still there.

And deep in that dark tomb, life sprang forth from death.

The same gentle, merciful God became the CONQUEROR, stripping evil of its dominance and disrupting the darkness.

Our king and savior, once and for all proving that he is the Messiah, our rescuer, came ALIVE.

The thing that not a single soul thought possible happened.


Death, you will NOT have the last word.

Your finality is no longer our reality.

Death is defeated. DONE. FINISHED.

Because HE HAS WON.

He lives today and he lives in all of us.

So that we can stand and proclaim to all of those still waiting.

In darkness.



Could it really be true? Could it be that death is not a forever sentence?

Could there really be a God so full of love and mercy and yet who wins?

Who went up against the forces of evil and came out with the victory?

Yes! Yes, there is a God who came for us: the screwed up and broken down, and his resurrection has forged a path for us out of death and into LIFE.

There is a King on his throne, and he has conquered all our greatest fears.

There is a rescuer who jumps over all impossible obstacles to get to us.

Who says, “Death be crushed and all its pain with it.”

And because of him,



And our king stands victorious.

He is seated on high and intercedes for us.

Our past, our pain, our shame and our fear is swallowed up in death’s grave.

And we, the redeemed, dance furiously on that grave, celebrating the Redeemer.

We shout the praises of the God who rose to life, who ripped the barriers down, and offers resurrection life to all.

We will say with one voice:

O praise the name of the Lord our God!

*This is a spoken word I delivered during worship at my church service yesterday. I pray it ignites worship in your heart, and that we carry his resurrection life with us, not just yesterday during Easter, but every day of our lives.


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