We Are the Misunderstood



We are the mothers. We are the fathers.

We are the sons, the sisters, the brothers, the daughters. We are the single parents, the overwhelmed stay-at-home-moms and the overworked corporate managers…

We are the NEEDY.

We are woefully lacking—we don’t have enough, we can’t do enough, we’ll never be enough.


We are accused and judged, based on only a fraction of our story. We are perceived in a thousand different ways, but rarely ever for who truly are, the real me.

We are the WOUNDED.

We’ve been bloodied by the battle of life in a broken world. We need a break from the punches we’ve taken and we need forgiveness for the punches we’ve thrown.

We are the BROKEN.

Throughout history, we have done nasty things to one another. We disregard the promises of God, we doubt his goodness, and then in our insecurity we turn on each other. We see our own faults, and we are terrified by our powerlessness to fix them. So we accuse, we blame, we judge.

But then, GOD. The gracious and compassionate God, who is slow to anger and rich in love. He shows up— pursuing us, redeeming us, healing us.

He is forever kind, forever faithful, forever love.

He is the God who SEES.

He sees our tear-stained pillows, and he sits up with us through every sleepless night. He sees our exhaustion, and our inability to simply put one foot in front of the other. He sees our sacrifice, as we lay ourselves down again, and wonder if anybody cares.

He is the God who UNDERSTANDS.

He took on human skin, he endured physical hunger, fatigue, and pain. He fully experienced every emotion we feel. He sees to the core of our being, the ones he created, and comprehends our hearts at a level even we don’t fully grasp.

He is the God who KNOWS.

He knows the storms that are bludgeoning our boat. He knows the battles we’re fighting and losing. He knows the secrets that shackle us and the stress that suffocates us.

He is the God who DRAWS NEAR.

He doesn’t stand at a distance, or watch from afar, but he swoops right in, cozies up to us in all our filth. Though he sees our need, he’s not worried. God is right in the middle of our situation, and God is not stressed.

He says to us, “I AM ENOUGH.”

Though he sees our wounds, he is not overwhelmed.

He says to us, “BE HEALED.”

Though he sees our brokenness, he is not repulsed.


So who are we now in light of this GREAT GOD?

We are the UNDERSTOOD.

We are seen, we are heard, and we are intimately known. All our thoughts, desires, dreams and inner fires are not hidden from him.

We are the PROTECTED.

Like a mother bird with her chicks, our nurturing God spreads wings over us. We are safe in the strong fortress of our God. Our God bandages our wounds and fights our battles.

We are the PROVIDED FOR.

Our God is the good shepherd, and we have everything we need. We are the full—bursting at the seams with all our God has given to us. We are the recipients of our God’s great abundance. We are the children of Jehovah Jireh—the God who provides. From our daily bread to our daily commute, we have ENOUGH because he IS ENOUGH.

We are the BELOVED.

We are his delight, the very center of his affection. We are constantly on his mind, and his love for us never waivers.

We are the pursued, the embraced, the treasured.

I realize this is a somewhat unconventional “Mother’s Day” post. My friend and pastor asked me to write something to accompany her sermon today, which was all about being misunderstood by everyone, but knowing we are completely seen, known, and understood by our God. It was a beautiful message and I truly believe it’s one we all need to hear. Even when we feel misunderstood and judged, God sees us, understands us, and loves us. So in light of this, let’s all remember that we often don’t get to see someone’s complete story, but if we walked a mile in her shoes, that would change everything. 


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