After the Sugar…Solitude.


After the chaos of last night, this morning is exactly what I need. I’m sipping my black, sugarless coffee like its a cure for the sugary, frantic consumption of last night. I’m breathing deeply, inhaling this perfect, crisp morning air. I’m drinking in all the beauty I can find, and it’s everywhere. I’m nursing myself with these views, and countless ones like them on my walk home:

I’m wrapping the solitude around me like a safe, cozy sweater. I need a little nurturing today. After feeling like I’m getting trampled by rabid, horrifically costumed teenagers on the hunt for candy, I need the rest of my quiet backyard.

The rainbow of trees, the crunch and shuffling of the leaves, the birds singing…these are all my medicine today. I had a thought, as I shuffled down a sidewalk temporarily paved with bright golden leaves: ”…streets paved with gold.” Heaven can break through in our very tangible lives if we’ll allow. If we look for it, only for a moment, I think we’ll all find the beauty our souls need to keep going in the midst of this crazy, broken world. I saw enough beauty, just on my walk home today, to overwhelm the darkness. The problem is that I rarely shut off the noise to receive the beauty. You see, it’s patient. It’s not rude or forceful. It waits for us to notice, and in our world there are so many distractions. We are shouting at each other. Constantly. We are making declarations. We are blaring our opinions and being careful to broadcast what we do and do not approve of. And we’re devouring everyone else who’s doing the same.

Stop. Listen. Just shhhhhh. Embrace the silence. The beauty is waiting for us. Instead of asserting ourselves, or even “informing” ourselves today, let’s nurture our souls. I have a hunch if we’d spend more time in quiet, we might have more love and beauty to bring when it’s time to finally speak.

If you have no idea where to start, here’s an idea:

1. Turn off the computer.

2.Turn off the TV.

3.If you can’t stomach LITERAL silence yet, put this song on repeat:

4.Head out into the sunshine for a walk. Notice things. Take note of anything of beauty, anything that makes you smile, or brings your joy. Drink it in, and fill yourself up.


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