A Tale of Two Women

Friends, I’d like you to meet two women. Though they are very different from one another, they each have my respect, and maybe even affection. They are both mothers, yet each has her own expectations for life, and each has her own unique perspective. In order to avoid distraction from the point, I am renaming each woman. Let’s first introduce “August K.” :


The picture above was captured by her wonderful and talented sister-in-law, and you can check out her photography (and book your session) at her website: http://www.hoperenaephotography.com

Just look at her. Taking a walk with her family in heels. Isn’t she cute? Let me tell you a little about her. She has just moved to a new neighborhood, and she is ecstatic about it. She finally feels like she has a found a “home,” a place where she can put down roots with her little family. Her youngest is about to start preschool, a sweet little place within walking distance of her house. Her oldest is about to start first grade at a new school, also a short walk from home. As she plans and prepares for fall, she envisions all the sweet morning walks she and her children will take together, much like the one pictured above. In fact, these walks will be so refreshing that she determines she won’t ever really need to drive her children to school.

She plans how their mornings before school will go, because after all, “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” Here is a picture of her schedule:


Foolproof, right? The makings of a perfectly smooth school year, right there. Looking at the photo of her, again, she is blissful and expectant. Her hair is fixed and she is wearing a lovely, classic outfit. I think she’s just darling. Naive, maybe. But, you know, adorable.

Now, meet “January K”:



Now “January K” is on fleek. I mean, I hate playing the comparison game, but that outfit? Really puts “August K” to shame. Look at that luscious hair bedhead and makeup freshly awakened bare face. Flawless. (Pay no mind to the Target bags in the background. They are from yesterday’s last minute shopping trip, after which she just could not be bothered to put away any of that hand soap and bleach and such.)

Any who, back to the introductions. This gorgeous woman has been living in her home for 7 months, and it is now the dead of winter. Her oldest has just begun her second semester of school after a great first semester and a lovely, relaxing winter break.

Her expectations are slightly, um, adjusted from those of “August K.” Though the fall was great, there were definitely some rough mornings, even when she followed a carefully planned schedule. Sometimes her human children awoke with less than stellar moods. Sometimes they *gasp* forgot to brush their teeth. They implemented a cute little idea called “hair & prayer” (see schedule pic above) approximately 7 times. (Ok, maybe 5. We don’t need to get hung up on accurate numbers here.)

“January K” has spent many chilly mornings walking her children to school, but after one unfortunate occasion where her oldest’s fingers were turning numb, she has decided that occasionally taking the heated car is not a horrible idea. Especially yesterday, when she woke up exactly ten minutes before departure time. (God bless the inventor of Eggos.) That was also true today, when she weighed her priorities, and decided breakfast seemed more important than details like “real pants.”

Can we go back to that outfit for a minute? Because dear lawd. Not everyone can pull off multiple prints, but those two plaids are on point.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting these two lovely women. I also hope they have taught us all that life is full of unmet expectations, and that that’s ok. As both “August K” and “January K” tell their children, “roll with the punches.”

And also, give yourself boat loads of grace and kindness. You are truly beautiful and deserving of so much love.


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